Anniversary Evening

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We were all delighted that so many of you could make it and share anniversary with us. Its been another fantastic year and we have all made new friends. We aim to make a positive difference to the way you live in your home through good design and great materials. It was evident last night that we are doing something right, the feedback was very positive.

John cooked up a storm with Bang Bang Chicken and Risotto Primavera all washed down with a lovely prossecco.

The Raffle took place today and a video of the results has been posted here. Well done to everyone who won. Especially Shelagh who has won a voucher for a meal at Red Onion.

Watch out for photos of the evening which will get posted soon on our facebook page.

Opportunity To Visit Inspirational Italian Designers

One of the challenges at Gideon Robison is making sure we keep our customers informed about new styles, colours and finishes and future trends. The only way to properly find this out is to visit the designers in person and chat to them about it.

We’re fortunate because we’ve an excellent working relationship with the designers at Novamobili. We’re in regular contact with them and we’re going to visit them in Milan in early September to see what they’ve got in mind for 2016. Northern Italy is a centre of excellence for design and Milan is at the heart of it. We’ll visit a number of studios during our trip to discuss the colours and styles they’re planning for next year. It’s always fascinating to see what inspires them and how their designs evolve from drawing board to stunning, practical, useable everyday rooms.

Don’t worry though as we don’t intend to keep this knowledge to ourselves, you’ll hear all about it on our website and in our showroom when we return.

Novamobili Tempo Giorno Home Study

Gideon Robinson Welcomes Bosch To The Family

One of the things about family businesses is we’re very choosy about who we let join us. So when we were looking for a new appliances partner we spent a lot of time considering manufacturers before deciding on Bosch. Our criteria is exacting; the best build quality, product reliability, aftersales support and constant innovation and we’re pleased to say that Bosch ticked all those boxes.

One of the most surprising things about Bosch for us was that despite their size and global presence they are also still a family business, albeit a little bit bigger than ours! Bosch UK came to visit us recently and we spent a bit of time explaining to them the standards we work to and the quality of designers we work with. They went through their new appliances range with us and we were very impressed by what they told us.

It didn’t take long to realise that we actually had a lot in common and so we’ve agreed to stock Bosch appliances. There really are some exceptional products in their range, we’re confident you’ll be very impressed. For more information please feel free to call us or pop into our showroom.


Cologne IMM 2015 – A Bold Future

Cologne IMM 2015 – A Bold Future

As expected our trip to Cologne to visit IMM, Europe’s largest interiors and kitchen show, was inspirational. It’s a wonderful opportunity to understand what colours, finishes and materials are attracting the eye of some of the world’s most influential interior designers. It’s also a great way to understand what trends are emerging as all the major manufacturers come together.

In kitchens we were interested to note a lot of emphasis on textures. Stone worktops were still very popular but we could see a move away from the gloss of polished stone towards textured and honed stone. This has a more tactile feel and we saw thinner surfaces –between 10 – 16mm – and thicker ones at up to 60mm embracing this style. It was also evident that manufacturers are realising that people are utilising the kitchen as an extended living space and it’s returning to being the hub of the home.

We saw a wonderful ‘hideaway’ kitchen for those who really don’t want everything on show and the good news is there were plenty of systems to choose from.

In furniture we noticed two clear trends; an emphasis on natural wood and wood finishes with brighter accents and fabrics with vibrant colours, some with very bold splashes. This was interesting, muted colours have dominated fabrics in recent years but there is a feeling in Europe that after years of recession renewed optimism is seeing a preference for brighter fabrics and colours. Certainly we saw some really eye-catching pieces and collections.

Novamobili, one of our Italian collections, have brought out a fantastic high ladder system for shelving or bookcases and also had a new system of 12mm shelves that gives a much more delicate look. It used very clever concealed fittings and they’ve also added some LED dividers to their range.

Lastly, if you’re ever in Cologne we’d recommend a meal at Il Carpaccio. We enjoyed a wonderful evening there with the team from In House, a great way to unwind after a long, long day at the exhibition.

If you’ve any questions about our trip or would like to know a little more about the coming trends in interiors feel free to get in touch, we’d be happy to chat with you. We’ve also added some videos and photographs we took at IMM to our Facebook page, feel free to have a look –


Novamobili High ladder

Ode to Cologne

Ode To Cologne

We’re travelling to Germany this week to visit IMM in Cologne. IMM is one of the largest and arguably the most important furniture and interior design shows in the world. It takes up over 260,000 square metres in 11 separate halls and it’s an essential showcase for anyone who wants to understand the coming trends for interiors.

We’ll be meeting with Novamobilli, Battistella and Schuller while we’re there to discuss their latest developments and get a sneak preview of what they’re working on. We’ve also arranged to meet with other manufacturers who we’re considering partnerships with in the future.

Whilst it might sound glamorous it’s actually quite hard work (honestly!) there’s a lot to see in a short time with well over 1,000 different exhibitors on display.

We hope to return inspired and informed and look forward to sharing our experiences with you in the coming weeks.




Showroom Closed – Saturday 13th

The showroom will be closed on Saturday 13th December – sorry for any inconvenience. We will reopen on Monday 15th at 10am.

New Wall-Mounted Next 125 On Display

We are excited to announce that very soon we will have a new Next 125 Wall Mounted Kitchen on display, the first in Scotland!

If you are not familiar with Next 125 they are German designers and their superb finishes, exceptional use of space and modern styling never fails to wow us. With their new wall-mounted feature, Next 125 have changed kitchen appliances completely. Units hang from the wall suspended from the ground to give a sense of freedom and weightlessness. And the best part? You can sweep underneath! We can add lights underneath the appliances to highlight your floor and with a range of materials and colours you’ve a lot of choice. With made to measure heights, your kitchen is designed to fit the space available ad helps to create the perfect relaxed atmosphere for cooking. If you would like to know more, feel free to pop into our showroom and see the wall mounted NEXT 125 for yourself, it’ll be in place in January.

We’re Growing!

To cap off a busy year at Gideon Robinson we’ve decided to expand our Haggs Road showroom. We’re all very excited as the extra 1,750sq/ft will give us a new office, a sample room, more warehousing and an extended showroom area allowing us to show oven more of our wonderful designer kitchens and interiors.

The work has already begun but it’ll be finished for January and we hope you’ll pop in and tell us what you think of it. We’re so used to designing and managing building projects for other people it’s an interesting experience to do it for ourselves.

It’s a reminder for what it’s like for our customers, waiting for the builders to finish so we can enjoy the new place! It’s going really well though and we’re looking forward to showing the new place off in January. ​

New Designer Joins The team

We’re very excited to welcome a new senior designer to the team in Haggs Road. Allan Dunlop has just joined us and he brings his own unique and impressive style to Gideon Robinson. As a senior designer Allan is responsible for suggesting colours, materials, finishes, creating designs, concepts and proposals. Most importantly of all is that Allan listens to you. He listens to what you want, why you need a change, what you like and don’t like and how you interact with a room. When he’s fully understood your requirements and your budget only then can he begin to weave his magic. Like everyone at Gideon Robinson he understands that this is your home and nobody knows it better than you.
If you pop in to our showroom please feel free to say help to Allan and welcome him to the Gideon Robinson family.

Delivered and Fitted Before Christmas

You can’t help but notice that Christmas is creeping ever closer. It’s already appeared in supermarkets and department stores and very soon we can expect to see shopping centres festooned with fairly lights and Santa hats and Wizard and Slade songs will play over their PA systems.

We mention this because the most common question we’re asked at this time of year is; “can it be fitted before Christmas?” Well the answer just now is still ‘yes’ and that should remain the answer until around mid-November. So if you’d like to prepare the most important meal of the year in a stunning new kitchen you’ve still got time to speak with us.

Then the only thing left for you to worry about is what you’re going to cook for all your guests!

Olmo Ossido Adam Table

Nova Mobili – Olmo Ossido Now Available

Italian designers Nova Mobili have a wonderful new range of finishes out, and we think they are things of beauty. Having spent a lot of time admiring them we’ve decided that Olmo Ossido is our new favourite. There’s something about the finish, both how it looks and how it feels, that really catches the eye. That’s no mean feat as the entire Nova Mobili range is superb. Whilst it’s a cultural stereotype to say Italians are stylish, in the case of Nova Mobili it’s definitely true!

Our favourite piece from the range is undoubtedly the Adam table. We just love the angles they’ve introduced and the craftsmanship involved is second to none. We’ve got one in the showroom now too and it’s receiving a lot of attention.

Olmo Ossido Adam Table

Adam table 

Olmo Ossido range 

Real Kitchens Are The Heart Of A Home

You might spend more time in the bedroom, indeed you might even have more fun there too, you might like nothing more than relaxing in a luxurious bath or your favourite thing might be lying back on your comfiest living room seat watching something good, but for us the most important room in every home is the kitchen.

The kitchen is the hub of the home and for us it’s important that it not only looks great but it’s fully functional too. So each month in the Gideon Robinson showroom Gideon himself dons his apron and conjures up a wonderful meal using our working kitchen and the various appliances we’ve got. It’s important to us that our kitchens might look like show-home works of art but like the very best design they are functional too and designed to be used as kitchens should be.

To prove this point every month we cook a dish at our showroom. Some recipes are our own and others tweaked versions of some well-known chefs. We also invite you to submit recipes to us and we’ll give them a go too. Even better if you’d like to cook them in our showroom please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

This month we used one of our own recipes.


Salmon fillets with Fennel, Onion & Leak –

Appliances used – Combination Steam Oven – HB36D572B

Quooker Boiling Water tap

This can be cooked in the Combination Steam oven or Steamer. The steam oven is a fantastic piece of equipment and is good for everything whether cooking a chicken to reheating pizza. Fish is great in the steamer and I have a quick recipe for a simple lunch or light dinner. The family love this meal, its healthy, simple to make and quick. You can cook this ahead of time and serve at room temperature.

If you have some cooked salmon fillets left over, the flesh flakes beautifully for a light sandwich with tomato rocket and watercress. It really is very versatile.

Apologies for the photography, Scott was trying to be a bit arty with his mobile phone. We will get a better camera for the next recipe shots.

We make it in about 15 – 20 minutes from scratch.

1. Rinse the salmon fillets and dry with paper towel.

2. Slice the fennel and blanch for 5 minutes in boiling water. I used the Quooker boiling water tap but you can heat a pan of water and remove from the heat prior to dropping in the fennel.

3. Slice the onions, slice the leek.

4. Spread the blanched fennel, onions and leeks over the perforated tray.

5. Place the salmon fillets on top. If one end of the fillet is thin I tuck it under the fillet.

6. Place 2/3 small pea sized knobs of butter on each fillet. A little Maldon Sea salt and some ground pepper. Some sprigs of parsley to finish.

(You can wrap in cling film and stick in the fridge now if you are preparing ahead. If you prepare ahead let the salmon come up to room temperature)

7. Place in the steam oven on steam setting at 100 oC for 10 minutes.

Serve with salad for a light lunch or new potatoes. Not too much mayonnaise now!!

Add the salmon (1) Slice the Fennel Spread the onions, leek and Fennel
Combination of Gloss and Satin Indigo lacquer Next 125 handleless system. New for 2014

Schueller Showroom & Factory Visit

Susan and Kate went on a trip to Herrieden Germany at the start of the month to visit one of Gideon Robinson’s biggest brands, Schuller. They were shown around the Schuller factory in Germany and were also given a tour of the showroom through which they saw from initial conception to finished product. Marcus Kandlbinder, Head of Export, went round the shoroom with Susan and Kate going in-depth on their product and its origins. Schuller say that the building of a kitchen is like cooking: the ingredients are essential.  Their recipe for the Next125 range is D-P=NX. International design minus price equals next125 kitchens. All Next125 kitchens are built with a synergy between the kitchen and influence from nature focusing on the environment and sustainability. 

Kate alongside the Next 125 Natural Oak with brushed stainless steel handles
Kate alongside the Next 125 Natural Oak with brushed stainless steel handles


Combination of Gloss and Satin Indigo lacquer Next 125 handleless system. New for 2014
Combination of Gloss and Satin Indigo lacquer Next 125 handleless system. New for 2014
Susan & Markus Kandlbinder, Head of Export.

Elite Showroom Award

As a Glasgow-based kitchen and bedroom specialist we have been awarded Elite Showroom status by Spanish work surface manufacturer Cosentino. Cosentino’s brands include Silestone and Dekton and their unique natural quartz process has seen unprecedented demand for their products across the world.

We were delighted to be awarded Elite Showroom status, the only Scottish company to receive it. Our services include designing and installing continental kitchens and bedrooms working closely with luxury and contemporary brands such as Schuller, Next125, Bontempi and Novamobili as well Cosentino.

Siemens Event with Siemens Chef Sue Davies

We recently hosted a Siemens event at Gideon Robinson in partnership with Siemens Appliances where the guests were greeted with Prosecco and Canapés on arrival. Siemens Chef Sue Davies attended and demonstrated a number of Siemens Appliances throughout the evening while she prepared and cooked a number of mouth-watering courses which we all got a bite of. There were melt-in-the-mouth en-croute canapés, succulent 1hour chicken and roast potatoes, apricot tray bake cooked to perfection. She used the Combination microwave and Flex Induction in our fully-equipped, working kitchen at the showroom.


To be kept informed of future events please visit our facebook page.