The workhorse of any kitchen are the appliances and it is a worthy investment to spend that little extra here to get the tools to make the job easier. I love cooking for family and friends and would still love to do so with a single electric ring and a one setting oven. I have found though that having the benefit of those additional controls allows me to spend more time with the people that I cook for.

My first oven was a freestanding gas oven with eye level grill from Cannon. Cooking for 20 people seemed no problem to this appliance. I still test all our appliances, we have a working kitchen in our studio where you can see the benefits of induction cooking, steam ovens and combination microwaves. Why not enjoy a latte or espresso from our integrated coffee machine, all our cups go through the dishwasher with ‘shine and dry’ cycle to ensure that it all comes out dry.

In the studio we hold cookery and appliance demonstrations regularly, why not come along, have a coffee and discuss what you need.