Possibly the crowning glory of any kitchen your worktop can be sourced from many different materials. I have often thought that choosing the worktop is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a practical decision and sometimes your heart will win the decision.

Wood tops mature well with age (as do we all) but will mark and scratch, each blemish tells a story and triggers a memory. Granite tops have taken millions of year to achieve their beauty and no two slabs are the same. Silestone and other engineered stones provide some consistency in colour while giving the same feel as a stone surface.
Corian, around since the sixties, is a surface that will appear to course seamlessly around your kitchen with integrated sinks moulded into the surface and upstands the curve up the wall. Ideal if you’re not a big fan of joins.
Dekton is the newest top on the block and is guaranteed not to scratch or mark. You can put your hot pots straight onto the surface without any concerns.

Laminates worktops are far more advanced than they used to be and you can benefit from a variety different edge profiles, flush mounted sinks and even under mounted on some options. We supply laminate from 16mm up to 90mm thick.
Only a flavour of what we offer is discussed here and we would be delighted to show the full range of products