We admired Schueller kitchens from the get go. Having had experience with other German Kitchen brands such as Hacker kitchens and Pro Norm we recognised that we had found a company that offered that little bit extra. Schueller Kitchens are one of Germany’s largest kitchen companies, we like that it is still a family run business.

The broad range of styles and finishes on offer allows you to choose from a selection of over thirty different fronts in three different carcase styles. That gives a range of almost one hundred kitchen styles before you even consider colour, textures and handles!!

The ranges from our partners includes very competitively priced kitchens which continues to offer better value than all of the bigger national retailers. Their middle range of kitchens is based on the 78cm carcase height and maximises available storage with their contemporary styled handless finish becoming ever more popular, this is a true handleless system.

Another great advantage this manufacturer has is that it will design the tall housings to accommodate your chosen appliances, this means no filler panels above the ovens and no adjusting shelves or cutting doors on site to suit the appliance.

If you need some inspiration then browse through the collections below, if there are any images that grab you why not pin them for later.