78 Handleless

I have always been enthusiastic for the handleless kitchen, it’s what I have in my own home. If you’re a fan of clean lines and contemporary styling then this form of kitchen is perfect for you. The first handleless kitchens were developed in Italy and over the years have been refined. Many manufacturers now offer handleless kitchens but none do it as well as the Germans or the Italians. The grip rail can be coloured in a choice colours to match your chosen front finish.

On a practical level, it is a dream to clean, there are no handles to polish and because the door is opened by gripping the back of it there are no greasy finger-marks left. Have you tried opening a door whilst making bread!!

Deep drawers with hidden internal drawers provide organisational possibilities to suit even the most orderly minded individual.

This is definitely one of our favourite styles of kitchen and is proving to be more and more popular, the 78 Handleless is a timeless design which sits well in traditional houses as well as more contemporary spaces.