There are traditional kitchens and contemporary kitchens and when Bontempi commissioned Italian designer Paola Navone to create a kitchen for people who like to cook I don’t think they realised that it would not be able to be pigeonholed into either of these categories.

I love the quirky nature of Bontempi Menu from the chicken wire doors, clocks on cupboards and screen printed wall units it really is a unique range. It’s really affordable as well.

This eclectic kitchen is a reinvention of the traditional Italian kitchen. Look for the plate racks or the open storage system behind which are pull out larder units. There is a large range of associated accessories to complement the range including sinks and taps, trollies and shelving. Even though it is such a diverse range it has been well thought out and is definitely cohesive.

The more you get involved with this range the more you understand the thought that is behind it. We love it.