A free fabulous 
Quooker tap with 
your new kitchen from 
Gideon Robinson

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The Quooker tap is the ‘must-have’ kitchen accessory of the decade. Imagine instant boiling water whenever you like. No waiting for kettles or pans to boil, simply turn a tap. That’s what Quooker taps offer. As well as your standard hot and cold taps they offer an ultra safe, highly efficient boiling water tap in eight different designs. Speaking of which the Quooker taps have stylish designs that complement any kitchen and that’s another reason to love them.

In our opinion no modern kitchen is complete without a Quooker tap and that’s why we’re offering everyone who orders a new kitchen from Gideon Robinson a free Quooker tap retailing at £1,150. Ask any of the Gideon Robinson team for more information about this offer either in store when you next visit or by telephoning us on 0141 632 9374 or by using our contact form

I have been using the Quooker for a few years now. It is the ideal accessory whether you’re making a hot drink, blanching vegetables, peeling tomatoes or starting the kids pasta, I certainly wouldn’t be without one now. I think it has become the must have appliance for any kitchen, so much so that I am, for a limited time, offering one free with your kitchen purchase