Gideon Robinson Welcomes Bosch To The Family

One of the things about family businesses is we’re very choosy about who we let join us. So when we were looking for a new appliances partner we spent a lot of time considering manufacturers before deciding on Bosch. Our criteria is exacting; the best build quality, product reliability, aftersales support and constant innovation and we’re pleased to say that Bosch ticked all those boxes.

One of the most surprising things about Bosch for us was that despite their size and global presence they are also still a family business, albeit a little bit bigger than ours! Bosch UK came to visit us recently and we spent a bit of time explaining to them the standards we work to and the quality of designers we work with. They went through their new appliances range with us and we were very impressed by what they told us.

It didn’t take long to realise that we actually had a lot in common and so we’ve agreed to stock Bosch appliances. There really are some exceptional products in their range, we’re confident you’ll be very impressed. For more information please feel free to call us or pop into our showroom.