National Burger Day

One of our favourite meals to prepare in the kitchen is the mighty burger! There’s nothing better than hearing that sizzle as the burger cooks; or the crunch of lettuce, onion and tomato as you take your first bite. To complete the burger however, you need the one thing that holds it all together – the glorious ‘bun’.

The burger bun comes in many different forms from the sesame seed to the brioche bun. But have you ever tried any of these obscure buns?

Black Burgers

Originating in Burger King, Japan in 2014, the Kuro Burger is a burger that is served completely black and we don’t mean that it has been burned! We’re talking about dyed black buns, meat, cheese – the whole lot!

At first we were sceptical about this odd looking food trend but it has proven to be a massive hit – and it’s not just burger buns! There is a whole charcoal food trend storming the world at the moment for both sweet and savoury foods. Do you have any squid ink or bamboo charcoal at the back of your kitchen cupboards to try your hand at making these?

(Picture: Tumblr)

2. Doughnut Burgers

Talking of sweet food trends, doughnut burgers are a thing. Instead of your typical burger bun, use two glazed doughnuts. Also known as the Luther Burger, the doughnut burger has been around for much longer than you would think! It was first mentioned in a 2006 episode of “The Boondocks”, where one of the characters serves it in a restaurant they have created.

(Picture: Creative Commons, Flickr)

3. Waffle Burgers

If doughnuts aren’t your thing, not to worry! You can try a waffle burger instead! Try serving these up with fried chicken, cheese and honey mustard for the ultimate waffle burger experience!

(Picture: TGI Friday’s)

4. Mac and Cheese Burgers

Now this burger trend can be done in two different ways. The first is to hollow out the burger and have a surprise mac and cheese filling inside the meat. The second is to turn mac and cheese into the bun! After you cook your mac and cheese, let it cool for a few hours. Once it has cooled, take a couple of handfuls and roll the mac and cheese into two balls before dipping them in egg and flour. All that’s left to do is fry them until they are golden brown.

(Picture: Grillocracy)

5. Scotch Egg Burgers

Just when you thought your burger couldn’t get any meatier, someone uses a two halves of a scotch egg in place of a normal bun. Isn’t that egg-cellent!?

6. Pizza Burgers

Sometimes when you are faced with a difficult decision, like choosing between a pizza or a burger, you need to come to a compromise. Get two mini pizzas and place your burger and all the toppings in between the two. Don’t be afraid to add extra cheese!

(Picture: Burger Weekly)

Have we left you craving a burger now? When you get home, head straight to the kitchen and see what alternative burger bun you can come up with. We bet you can find some new and interesting flavours!

Whatever your preference – be it the simple veggie burger or a full T-bone steak on a waffle – we have the perfect kitchen to suit your own personal taste, and we’ll challenge you to Find Your Flavour.