New Wall-Mounted Next 125 On Display

We are excited to announce that very soon we will have a new Next 125 Wall Mounted Kitchen on display, the first in Scotland!

If you are not familiar with Next 125 they are German designers and their superb finishes, exceptional use of space and modern styling never fails to wow us. With their new wall-mounted feature, Next 125 have changed kitchen appliances completely. Units hang from the wall suspended from the ground to give a sense of freedom and weightlessness. And the best part? You can sweep underneath! We can add lights underneath the appliances to highlight your floor and with a range of materials and colours you’ve a lot of choice. With made to measure heights, your kitchen is designed to fit the space available ad helps to create the perfect relaxed atmosphere for cooking. If you would like to know more, feel free to pop into our showroom and see the wall mounted NEXT 125 for yourself, it’ll be in place in January.