Opportunity To Visit Inspirational Italian Designers

One of the challenges at Gideon Robison is making sure we keep our customers informed about new styles, colours and finishes and future trends. The only way to properly find this out is to visit the designers in person and chat to them about it.

We’re fortunate because we’ve an excellent working relationship with the designers at Novamobili. We’re in regular contact with them and we’re going to visit them in Milan in early September to see what they’ve got in mind for 2016. Northern Italy is a centre of excellence for design and Milan is at the heart of it. We’ll visit a number of studios during our trip to discuss the colours and styles they’re planning for next year. It’s always fascinating to see what inspires them and how their designs evolve from drawing board to stunning, practical, useable everyday rooms.

Don’t worry though as we don’t intend to keep this knowledge to ourselves, you’ll hear all about it on our website and in our showroom when we return.